Do retractable screen doors have a lock?

Do retractable screen doors have a lock?

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Please bear in mind that retractable screen doors are designed to keep insects outside while you have your doors & windows open for maximum ventilation. Retractable fly screens are not security screens. This is the fact that they offer absolutely no security features to your doors & windows.

Roller type spring loaded retractable screen doors have an optional latch. The latch is only designed to make the retractable screen door a little more difficult to enter for unwanted guests.


retractable screen door latches

Customers often ask what keeps our pleated retractable screens closed when in use. Sometimes we say nothing just to get a giggle out of how confusing that answer can be. But it’s true.

One, of many, unique features of the pleated retractable screen is that wherever you put it – that is where it stays. If you open the screen only half way to walk through, when you let go it will still be right where you left it.

You see, since our concertina type retractable screens don’t utilise the traditional spring-loaded retraction design (like that found with the Phantom, Freedom, Eclipse, Genius and others) there is no force pulling them open, and therefore no need to use a magnet, latch, lock or hook to keep them closed.

This is an especially appealing feature on the double door screens. With most retractable screens you either have to hold one screen closed while walking through the other or use some sort of a lock, pin or latch to hold one of the screens stationary. Then you are basically only utilizing the other side. On our pleated retractable screens this simply isn’t necessary. Since they stay wherever you put them; you can walk through one side and back through the other, without having to fuss with the other screen at all. Or you can open them both a little, and walk right through the middle; no fighting the spring’s tension or worrying about activating a magnet, necessary.

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