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DIY retractable fly screen installation

Retractable Fly Screen DIY Door Measurement Guide

To help you make the correct measurement for DIY ordering a retractable fly screen door/window, please follow the instructions below:

There are a few very important issues that you need to consider when you decide on the DIY option. The most important issue is that the opening needs to be perfectly level (a tilted opening can sometimes occur as a result of structural movement). A tilted opening can cause the retractable screen to malfunction. Please follow the instructions step by step for measurement:

  1. Decide where your DIY retractable fly screen door is going to fit. We recommend fitting the retractable fly screen door inside the frame (referred to as the Reveal Fixing). If there is no section to reveal fix the screen, please contact us for help.
  2. Methods for DIY measuring and fitting may be different for different models of window/door. What you need to look for on your window/door frame is a FLAT plane on ALL FOUR sides. This structure allows you to screw the screen window/door to your existing window/door. For sliding window/door, the screen CANNOT be screwed to the channel along which the window/door slides..

Please be aware of that there are different types of architrave mouldings depending on the style of the window/door.

Different styles of mouldings

 Each layer may have different depth, as D3/D4/D5 shown below. Please choose which layer the retractable fly screen door/window will be installed based on the following three factors:

*The layer itself has a depth over 33mm or 40mm.

*The bottom architrave or the floor on the plane of this layer should be flat and has the depth over 15mm or 25mm.

*There are no obstructions (i.e. protruding handles, window hardware, auto-door closer, alarm system control boxes etc.) on the plane of this layer.

  1. After you select the layer of the architrave where the retractable fly screen door/window will be installed, you may start to measure the width and height of the opening. Accurately measure the height of the opening at both ends of the opening and at the centre to ensure that the opening is perfectly square.

If the three measurements (two measurements at two ends and one in the centre) are not exactly the same for height or width, please provide us with all three measurements for both height and width. We will assist you to decide the final measurement. Please do not make any deduction in the measurement; we will allow the proper tolerance during production.

  1. If you select a retractable fly screen door with bottom rail, measure the height of the bottom rail of your existing door. The height of the bottom rail is 15mm or 25mm. You may compare the height of the bottom rail with your existing bottom architrave to see whether there is any tipping risk.