Roller retractable Fly screens

Roller Type Retractable Screen Doors.

These versatile, unobtrusive retractable screen doors are perfect for both residential and commercial properties and can be custom-fit to almost any size doorway. When not required, the screen tucks away within its fittings to preserve the original appearance of your doorway; when in use, the screen provides excellent ventilation between indoor and outdoor areas while still providing a barrier to unwanted bugs and debris blown by the breeze. Roller retractable screen doors are easy to operate and can be fitted to either existing doorways or installed during construction, whether they be swing-in or swing-out doors, sliding doors, or double French doors.

We offer an extensive frame colour range. Custom colours can be matched with your existing door frame colour, and interior or exterior decor. Options also exist for the colour of the mesh of the screen itself to better match with the aesthetic of your space, as well as varying degrees of mesh openness. Choose from insect mesh, solar mesh, or privacy mesh – a higher mesh openness factor permits more breeze and light into the space while a tighter mesh provides more shade and privacy.

Choose your closure method. Roller retractable screen doors are the only such product on the market with the option of an integrated latch and release handle, offering some security from accidental opening and retraction of the screen.

With the natural flow of traffic in mind, these screens allow for customizable stopping points anywhere along the track for easy in and out access.

Features & Benefits

• Innovative retractable design
• Retracts out of sight when not in use
• Provides protection from insects and UV rays
• Allows full ventilation
• Durable
• Versatility to fit almost any application
• Extensive colour range to tie in with existing décor
• Professional service and installation backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty


Single Screen Max 1.5m Max 3.0m 45mm housing
Single Screen Max 2.25m Max 2.7m 60mm housing
Single Screen Max 2.5m Max 2.4m 60mm housing
Single Screen Max 3m Max 3m 85mm housing
Double Screen Max 3.0m Max 3.0m 45mm housing
Double Screen Max 4.5m Max 2.7m 60mm housing
Double Screen Max 5.0m Max 2.4m 60mm housing
Double Screen Max 7.2m Max 3.0m 80mm housing